Thanks for all the interest and shared! Quick informal poll. Are you guys more interested in family based events or adult focused events?
Thanks to everyone who has liked this page and expressed interest in helping getting an Orienteering club up and running in the Comox Valley! - Please feel free to share and invite your friends so we can reach a ton of people and hopefully get our first O-race/workshop going for this fall!
Welcome to the Comox Valley Orienteering Club! We are a newly established Orienteering club associated with Orienteering BC and Orienteering Canada. Orienteering is the super fun and challenging sport of racing and navigating through the landscape with map and compass. We would love to have you get involved, contact us for more info and upcoming events!


We're a new Orienteering club in the Comox Valley and need some help! We need officials, event organizers, and of course participants! If you've never tried Orienteering before look for our introductory workshops/events/races coming soon!